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Biography and Unique Facts of Members Refund Sisters

Member Refund Sisters
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Biography and Unique Facts of Members Refund Sisters. Refund Sisters is a South Korean K-pop supergroup formed from the MBC variety show Hangout with You.

They debuted on October 10, 2020, with their first single, Don’t Touch Me.

The group, which consists of Chun Ok, Jessie, Kelly, and Hwasa, was originally Lee Hyori’s idea of ​​a ‘dream girl group’ in June 2020.

She wants to form a girl group with a strong image with Uhm Jung Hwa, Hwasa, and Jessi. This group can be said to be a spin-off formed by another supergroup, namely SSAK3.

In August, this group project started right after the SSAK3 group project ended. Group manager selection auditions were conducted. Kim Jong In and Jung Jae Hyung were chosen to fill the place.

After the release of the first single, the MV for the debut single was officially released on October 28, 2020.

(photo: instagram/jessicah_o)

Since this group is temporary, they don’t have any official social media accounts to follow. However, you can see the activities of its members through their official social media accounts. This is listed in the following members’ profiles.

1. Chun Ok Refund Sisters

(Photo: Instagram/hangout__with__you)

Biodata & Profile

  • Real Name: Lee Hyori
  • Stage Name: Lee Chun Ok
  • Place, Date of Birth: Cheongwon, North Chungcheong, South Korea, May 10, 1979
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Education: –
  • Religion: –
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • A blood type
  • Position: Leader
  • Instagram account: @hangout_with_yoo
  • Twitter Accounts: –
  • Facebook account: –


  • He is a former member of the Fin.KL group and the last one to join the group.
  • His Chinese name is Li Xiaoli.
  • His favorite artists are Brandy and Mariah Carey.
  • His favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • The singer from Cheongwon has two sisters and one brother.
  • Officially, he was chosen as the leader in How Do You Play.
  • His first suggested stage name was the Chinese name ‘Mao’. However, he did not wear it because it caused controversy.
  • The current stage name has the meaning of jade. Like a child who came down from heaven.
  • Besides having the stage name Chun Ok, he also has the stage name Linda G.
  • He seduces their producer, Jimi Yoo, to ask him for a drink.
  • He wanted their song to be sensational which only lasted 30 seconds.
  • As a member of Refunds Sisters, she can cancel her contract when she is pregnant.
  • The Refund Sisters leader has several nicknames, namely Sexy Queen, Madam Lee, Chori, and National Fairy.
  • Her hobbies are acting, drawing, and cooking.
  • Her dream as a child was to become a policewoman.
  • This couple from Lee Sang Soon is good at making other people feel comfortable.
  • He is a vegetarian.
  • He likes animals.
  • The singer has married Lee Sang Soon on September 1, 2013.
  • She is known as the undefeated sexy K-pop queen.
  • His favorite color is white.
  • She likes Pu-erh tea.
  • Her debut single, Stylish, sold over 140,000 copies in South Korea.
  • His favorite food is crackers covered in chocolate.
  • The Refund Sister leader has a very popular reality show called Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast with IU and her husband.
  • Apart from being a singer, he has also hosted many television shows, such as Time Machine, Happy Together, and Fort Boyard.
  • Through her experience as a singer, Hyori has won various awards, such as Artist of the Year, Best Female Artist, Best Dance Performance, Hot Style Icon, and Most Popular Music Videos.
  • He has also ventured into acting by starring in 3 Leaf Clover, Reply 1997, Dancing Queen, On Air, Birth Secret, If In Love Like Them, and Emergency Act 19.
  • Hyori’s ideal type is not very handsome but wants to marry a man who feels like her soul mate. It would be great if he could understand Hyori very well.

2. Jessie Refund Sisters

( Photo : dailysia.com )

Biodata & Profile

  • Real Name: Jessica Hyunju Ho
  • Stage Name: Lee Chun Ok
  • Place, Date of Birth: New Jersey, United States, December 17, 1988
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Nationality: South Korean – American
  • Education: Korean Kent Foreign School
  • Christianity
  • Height: 164.8 cm
  • Weight: 47 kg
  • Blood type O
  • Position: Vocalist
  • Instagram account: @jessicah_o
  • Twitter Accounts: –
  • Facebook account: –


  • His Korean name is Ho Hyun Joo, while his Chinese name is Hu Xianzhu.
  • This rapper has two older brothers.
  • Jessi had slept in a sauna when she didn’t have enough money to have a place to live.
  • He was interested in being a leader until other members told him to leave.
  • He went to school with Tiffany, Jessica Jung, a member of The Grace, and Stephanie Kim.
  • The initially suggested stage names were Eun Bi (but she wasn’t interested even though she thought of it), Man Yeon, Moo Kang, Man Soo, Gold, and Chun Nyeon.
  • His solo debut occurred on September 15, 2015, under YMC Entertainment and his first comeback was in 2009 with an album entitled The Rebirth.
  • He took five years off to return to Uncle Sam.
  • He chose the name ‘Jessi’ because it has ‘ssi’ in it. However, it is also known as Eun Bi.
  • This US-born woman wants everyone to share their opinion with her.
  • He finds it difficult to get used to Korean culture.
  • She admits she had plastic surgery and regrets having done it.
  • His unique side is that he is too lazy to ask for a refund.
  • According to him, all the members look scary on the outside but are soft-hearted.
  • He loves pizza and shopping.
  • He is an impatient person.
  • This Sagittarius woman doesn’t like to talk about age.
  • He wants a contract period of one month.
  • In the contents of the contract, perhaps in the copyright section, he wrote ‘coffee, hazelnut, vanilla latte, and latte’.
  • Chun Ok mentioned that Jessi is the hardest member.
  • The Refund Sisters members want their music to be trendy.
  • This blood type O singer can wear all kinds of costumes, but then he changed his mind.
  • He wants a wise manager, for example, Hwang Kwang Hee.
  • He can drink 7 cups of coffee a day. His favorite coffee is Americano with a little hazelnut syrup.
  • No uncomfortable members. If he had to choose, he chose Uhm Jung Hwa because of his extensive experience in the music industry.
  • Producer Jimi Yoo wrote a note containing Jessi’s impatient, unpredictable, learning Korean as quickly as possible, and her missing right lower tooth.
  • He moved to Korea at the age of 15.
  • Her parents are Korean immigrants.
  • Before becoming a member of Refund Sisters, he was a member of the group Lucky J from 2014 to 2016.
  • The songwriter has a pomeranian dog named Chewie.
  • It has dental veneers.
  • His IQ is 137.
  • This Get Up single singer was once an SM Entertainment trainee.
  • He has tattoos on his eyebrows, left ear, and left shoulder blade.
  • In 2018 he starred in the show Yo! MTV Raps.
  • This wrapper is featured in JY Park’s song Who’s your Mama? 2015.
  • The singer has been invited to Korean variety shows, such as Happy Together and Running Man.
  • He also contributed to being a mentor in several episodes of Unpretty Rapstar 2 in 2017.
  • Besides being close to fellow Refund Sisters members, he is also close to Girls’ Generation’s Ailee, Hyorin, and Tiffany.
  • Jessi’s ideal type is someone smart, has humor, and is sweet like actor Ha Jung Woo.

3. Kelly  Refund Sisters

(Photo: dailysia.com)

Biodata & Profile

  • Real Name: Uhm Jung Hwa
  • Stage Name: Kelly
  • Place, Date of Birth: Jecheon, South Korea, August 17, 1969
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Education: –
  • Religion: –
  • Height: 164 cm
  • Weight: 47 kg
  • A blood type
  • Position: Vocalist
  • Instagram account: @maizing
  • Twitter Account: @love_tangle
  • Facebook account: –


  • At first, Junghwa’s stage name chose between Kelly and Celine. He and the producers agreed to choose the name, Kelly.
  • He wants to have more time to practice choreography than the other members.
  • The Refund Sisters member said that he did not want to be a leader himself.
  • Producer Jimi Yoo noted that Kelly has a cute smile, takes extra practice time, and can be emotional offstage.
  • Kelly reserves the right to cancel the contract if forced to adhere to a tight schedule.
  • He debuted in 1987, but officially in 1993 with the release of an album called Sorrowful Secret.
  • She made her debut as an actress with the 1992 film Marriage Story.
  • Previously, Kelly had never been involved in a group.
  • He has an evergreen nickname.
  • His ideal type is like a Big Bang member named TOP.
  • Apart from being a singer, she also owns clothing and underwear brands (Suite Corner and ZHUM in New York).
  • The singer was previously diagnosed with thyroid cancer and made a full recovery after undergoing surgery.
  • His father had died in a motorcycle accident when Kelly was six years old.
  • He has a younger brother who has a career as an actor named Uhm Tae Woong.
  • This Refund Sisters member wants to attend MAMA.

4. Hwasa Refund Sisters

(photo: instagram/_maria hwasa)

Biodata & Profile

  • Real Name: Ahn Hye Jin
  • Stage Name: Hwasa
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Education: Wonkwang High School of Arts
  • Religion: –
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Weight: 44 kg
  • A blood type
  • Position: Maknae
  • Instagram Accounts:
  • Twitter Accounts: –
  • Facebook account: –


  • The singer has two older sisters.
  • He is a very calm person.
  • Maria single singer can eat under any circumstances.
  • His suggested stage name is ‘Silver’ because he has a very calm personality.
  • This singer has no specific music genre.
  • Producer Jimi Yoo wrote a note that he would get irritated if cornered, had inner strength, and was calm.
  • His contract expires if he does not eat on time.
  • Her hobbies are collecting records, cooking, and listening to old jazz.
  • Secretly he talks about his heart.
  • He has an arcade machine in his flat.
  • He made his solo debut on February 13, 2019, with the single TWIT.
  • Her role model is Rihanna. In addition, he likes an actor and singer from Hong Kong named Leslie Cheung.
  • Apart from being a member of the Refund Sisters group, she has also joined MAMAMOO since 2014.
  • He is close to a member of MAMAMOO named Wheein because he was in the same school.
  • He contributed to writing MAMAMOO’s song My Heart / I Do Me.
  • He also wrote the song Freakin Shoes.
  • For short answers, he says ‘ok’ and ‘no’ in English.
  • This Refund Sisters member is allergic to fur.
  • Her ideal type is a man who is naive and not greedy like her father who loves her for who she is and likes to share. His type is like Ryu Seung Ryong or George Clooney.
  • He likes salted crab dishes, especially the intestines.
  • Lee Hyori gave her a dress from the MV for Shall We Dance.
  • This singer from Jeonju can play Gyeonggi.
  • Hwasa is a frugal person, she can use the same tea bag several times.
  • He has lived alone for three years.
  • She participated in the show King of Masked Singer as an aerobics girl.
  • His first love was a social studies teacher in the era of You’re The Best and is still in touch with him.
  • Whenever the MAMAMOO members talk about their pets, Hwasa will talk about her stuffed lion.
  • Thanks to her experience and talent in music, she was awarded the 2018 Rookie Female of the Year in Variety and MBC Ent. For his work on I Live Alone.
  • On MBC I Live Alone, he talks about his daily life as a person who lives alone.
  • The singer is a permanent member of the show I Live Alone.
  • He is the featured vocalist in Phantom’s ‘Fingernail’, ‘SHE’ romance, and Baechigi’s ‘Boy Jump’.

Girl group Refund Sisters consists of 4 talented and experienced women in the singing field. Their work and talent cannot be doubted or underestimated. They combine to make spectacular music.

Source from: dailysia.com

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