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Best Casting Rods

Best Casting Rods. Looking for the best baitcasting rod? There is a handful of information on fishing rods in this guide from rod types, ratings, lengths, etc...


Carp Rods

Carp Rods. The daiwa basia carp rod has been given a bit of a makeover and with the addition of the new ags guides, the final result is one of the best...


Carp Fishing Pole

Carp Fishing Pole. Get the best deals on carp fishing rods & poles. Pole fishing, pole fishing for carp and how to pole fish are the main subjects of...


Corporate Fishing Charters

Corporate Fishing Charters. Redfin charters offers several fishing charters that are exclusively planned for group events or corporate outings of any size in...


Fishing Trips Spi

Fishing Trips Spi. Long read, but we need your input please: With a consistent stock of fish throughout the year, these waters offer. See more spin fishing...